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The Miracle Hill Wines

Miracle Hill Shiraz

The McLaren Vale region has produced wine since 1838 and is one of the oldest and most historically significant wine regions in Australia. Shiraz is McLaren Vale's crown jewel for which it is known the world over for its quality and seductive style. 


Miracle Hill’s single vineyard shiraz is an exemplar with its dense dark berry flavour and velvety texture. The 'Old Shiraz' vines first planted in the 1960’s, together with the rich terroir and hand tended practice produces this ultra-premium wine in limited quantities.


Bottled as a single block, single vineyard shiraz since 2010, available for purchase now are our 2018 and 2019 vintages. 2018 vintages.

Shiraz 2017 A4_edited.jpg

Miracle Hill Cabernet

Cabernet that tastes like Cabernet. Picked and bottled under the Miracle Hill label in 2021, the fruit was too good not to share with you.

This single block, single vineyard wine is grown to show varietal expression, giving mouthfeel and flavour that many haven't tasted before. Luscious black fruits and a full bodied wine, balanced with a complex tanin structure.


Don't miss out on this wine which is only available in seasons which produce premium Cabernet.018 vintages.

Shiraz 2017 A4_edited.jpg
Sangiovese 2021 A4_edited_edited.jpg

Not widely planted outside of Italy, sangiovese is a medium-bodied wine with complex tannin structure. Our vines are meticulously shoot thinned and bunch thinned to improve the canopy for sunlight exposure to maximise colour and flavour development. 

This is a fabulously food-friendly wine which complements a wide range of culinary styles, making it the perfect dinner party guest. 

Miracle Hill Sangiovese

Rose 2022 A4_edited.jpg

Hand harvesting of carefully selected bunches preserves the vibrant acidity and bright fruit flavours of the sangiovese crop which pays respect to the rosé wine’s Italian origin.


Coupled with the use of Provençal yeast that pays homage to the French who perfected it, this rosé is in harmony with all its flavour elements in perfect balance and a clear luxurious colour.


After a very successful 2022 Rosé that saw us sold out, we're excited to be bringing you the 2023 Rosé.

Miracle Hill Sangiovese Rosé

Miracle Hill Shiraz Gin

Shiraz Gin 2018 A4_edited.jpg

Our premium Miracle Hill Shiraz has been combined with an artisan gin distillation technique to highlight the characteristics of the season the fruit was grown. To complement the rich plum notes of the Shiraz we added a touch of mandarin to a quality classic juniper base, subtly enhancing the wine profile.

The spirit balances the sweet berry flavours of the wine to entice serious gin and wine drinkers alike. If it’s a sticky caramel you’re after, you won’t find it here and at 42% it’s no lightweight either. 

Best enjoyed with friends and a light Mediterranean tonic, followed by a bottle or two of the Miracle Hill Shiraz. 

The 2019 Miracle Hill Shiraz Gin is limited to 100 bottles (less what we can't resist and drink ourselves).

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