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The Family

Miracle Hill Wines is shaped by the expertise of five generations of vignerons and orchardists.



Miracle Farmer

Rebecca (Bec) Adams performs the vineyard management and wine logistics. It has been her passion to transform the land to produce the best quality fruit whilst striving to achieve sustainable farming practices. In addition to a vast array of skills and knowledge in viticulture and land management she is qualified in financial and business management with expertise in agriculture-based industries. Bec’s other passion is horses and she now has four who form part of the landscape, also providing weed control and fertilising services.


Miracle Potterer

David Adams can often be seen assisting his daughter, Bec, with various vineyard tasks throughout the year. A workhorse, rather than thoroughbred, he adds painstaking detail in his function as ‘chief potterer’. David has over twenty years’ experience in supporting the financial and business management needs of a range of renowned wineries in both McLaren Vale and the Barossa Valley. His consultancy role delivers a range of expert contacts within winemaking and viticulture that ensures the quality of Miracle Hill wines year on year.



Miracle Pruner

Leonard Adams, a master pruner, trained both son and granddaughter in this vital art. Sadly we farewelled Len in January 2021 after years dedicated to growing everything that the soil could nurture. Well into his eighties, Len was always the last man standing in the vineyard long after the others had succumbed to the need for rest.

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