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Miracle Hill Sangiovese Rose 2022 (3 bottles)


Hand harvesting of carefully selected bunches preserves the vibrant acidity and bright fruit flavours of the sangiovese crop which pays respect to the rosé wine’s Italian origin. Coupled with the use of Provençal yeast that pays homage to the French who perfected it, this rosé is in harmony with all its flavour elements in perfect balance and a clear luxurious colour. With minimal time on skins, this dry rosé has oodles of strawberries & cream with a hint of white cherry, perfectly balancing its crisp, refreshing acidity.

A truly luxurious and charming wine to be enjoyed straight away and perfect for the springtime, and as a prelude to the 2021 Sangiovese. 

Miracle Hill Sangiovese 2021 (3 bottles)


Not widely planted outside of Italy, sangiovese is a medium-bodied wine with complex tannin structure. Our vines are meticulously shoot thinned and bunch thinned to improve the canopy for sunlight exposure to maximise colour and flavour development. 

This treatment together with the McLaren Vale location also makes this wine quite aromatic,  with some subtle spice and dark fruit on the nose. Morello cherry flavours with a hint of rhubarb complements our Miracle Hill Sangiovese’s savoury notes.

This is a fabulously food-friendly wine which complements a wide range of culinary styles, making it the perfect dinner party guest. 

Miracle Hill Sangiovese & Rose 6-pack

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